Working with Volleyball media

The media is an essential part in the development of any sport but with the advent of social media and increase in content creation by players, clubs, leagues and federations this seems to have been forgotten. Add in the fact that there is an ever decreasing pot of advertising spend that isn’t mopped up by major global platforms and the media space is a tough place to be.

We know from our own experience that situation is even worse in volleyball with brands, leagues and federations offering negligible support to media platforms. It’s no surprise that in recent years numerous volleyball publishers and social communities have stopped operating or ceased to exist.

Whilst we can’t (probably) solve that problem by ourselves we are keen to support volleyball media through the following initiatives.

Cashback scheme

Rather than advertising with global corporate platforms (you know the ones) we’d far prefer to reward volleyball media platforms who refer customers to us. If you have a loyal, engaged user base then why not promote the products you love and trust to them?

Simply get in touch with us at, provide links to your platforms and detail which products you would love to promote. We can quickly set you up with a tracking code to promote to your users and offer:

  • 10% store credit on each order referred
  • Last touch attribution tracking (if you were the last person to refer a customer before they ordered then you receive the 10% cashback, which we believe is the fairest mechanism)
  • Monthly payouts

We also welcome ideas from volleyball media about the co-creation of content and other initiatives that can drive value for both parties.