Supporting Volleyball Clubs

Volleyball clubs remain the beating heart of the sport across much of the world, developing the next generation of talent often with limited support from federations or the professional game. Built of the back of dedicated volunteers without which the sport would undoubtedly falter, we want to see clubs thrive and be rewarded for all your hard work.

Whilst, we (probably) can’t do that ourselves, we hope we can help as many clubs as possible via the following initiatives.

Cashback scheme

Rather than advertising with global corporate platforms (you know the ones) we’d far prefer to reward volleyball clubs who refer customers to us. If you have a loyal, engaged membership then why not promote the products you love and trust to them?

We know that clubs may well have existing relationships with trusted suppliers to provide official kit or equipment and whilst we would love to supply those this scheme can complement those relationships. We don’t need to be your official ball supplier in order for you to make money from promoting our products to your membership.

Simply get in touch with us at, provide links to your platforms and detail which products you would love to promote. We can quickly set you up with a tracking code to promote to your users and offer:

  • 10% store credit on each order referred
  • Last touch attribution tracking (if you were the last person to refer a customer before they ordered then you receive the 10% cashback, which we believe is the fairest mechanism)
  • Monthly payouts

Once you have generated 15 or more orders you become eligible for sponsorship and enhanced promotion via our platforms to our 3M+ audience. To get started simply email us at

Selling via Volleyverse

If you have products that you would love to sell via our eCommerce platform and that you believe would be relevant to our audience then we’d love to hear from you. We offer fair commercial terms and are open to all types of merchandise and services, including but not limited to:

  • Official club merchandise
  • Training camps
  • Club membership
  • Online training programmes

If you would like to explore the opportunity please contact us at


Once you have generated 15 or more orders via our Cashback Scheme you become eligible for sponsorship. We welcome creative and ambitious ideas from clubs around the world, though our current focus is mainly on Europe.

To be considered for sponsorship please send a note to with the following:

  • A quick summary about your club, its demographics and its involvement in volleyball and your local community
  • Your sponsorship proposal including:
    • How much money do you need?
    • What will the money be used for (i.e. are you working towards a particular goal or objective)
    • How will we and you work together to ensure that the sponsorship delivers value for us both (successful execution = repeat sponsorship)

We don’t expect to receive professional sponsorship proposals but would like to see that you have thought through how to deliver value for both you and us. We’d prefer for you to be creative with your ideas than worry about the aesthetics of the actual proposal document.


Our volleyball family is over 3M strong and on a monthly basis we reach over 25M volleyball fans around the world. We have a volleyball club database live that expands with every week and that ranks exceptionally well in Google.

Club Directory listing

If you would like your club to be included in our database then there is no cost to do so. We are currently working on a front end form that will allow you to submit the details yourself but for now please email all the relevant information (please reference this profile as an example) to

Alternatively, you may find your club is already listed but needs updating. If so, please email updated details to

Content Promotion

Once you are registered with our cashback scheme and have generated 15 or more orders then you become eligible to be promoted via our platforms.

We will always place an emphasis on great content, that entertains our fans so can’t guarantee that we will like all your ideas or publish all your content but we are keen to promote you and your content to help you build your own audience. However, it is important to state that the standard of play is irrelevant – great content is made at all standards of volleyball and our audience often engages far more in ‘grass roots’ content than watching pro players.

If you have any questions you can contact us at